Get ready for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

This Friday we are going to go to the Centre Cívic to see the play Beauty and the Beast of the company Jumping Ducks.

Here you have a playlist with the songs that we have worked in class and a lyric video of the song Born to fly.

Sing them again and enjoy the show on Friday.

Born to fly (Lyrics)
Get that engine going
Right out on the runway
Ready to take off
And we are up, up, and away
My heart is beating so fast
As we fly through the clouds
The world looks so neat
Seen from 1000 feet
I don’t know why?
But I was born, born to fly
Life up in the sky
We can get so high
Born to fly
Born to fly

And remember…

Don't judge a book by its cover. It's time to love each other.


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